Terpenes have a fairly high popularity for several years, like THC or CBD. If you have heard of it, it is normal that you have decided to find out more. What is it really about? Why are they generating so much interest?Does it not have side effects? All the answers to your questions on the subject are here!

Terpenes: what is it?

If you have already smelled the penetrating smell of hemp or cannabis, it is obvious that you have already come into contact with the terpenes . These are hydrocarbons contained largely in the essential oils of several plants. It is thanks to them that the plants are able to release scents sometimes very attractive and captivating.

When you smell plants like cannabis, the odorous molecules that are terpenes spread through your body and produce effects on your brain. In a single plant, it is possible to find a hundred different terpenes. Indeed, plants give off one or the other for good reasons. According to some scientists, this serves as a defense against pests.

Terpenes: what are the virtues?

As mentioned above, terpenes have a particular effect on the human brain. In fact, by inhaling the terpenes, you give them the opportunity to act on you quite positively through their different virtues. In the same way that in aromatherapy, it is possible to cure a certain number of evils by the smells, it is the same with the terpenes.

They can enhance memory skills in the brain, or provide a sense of good mood. To help you get a clearer idea, some terpenes have been studied, as well as their virtues have been identified. They have all their specificity and it is as amazing as bluffing. You may even be surprised.


Linalol is a terpene whose scent is very pleasant to smell, but also very striking. Indeed, it has several virtues.The first is its ability to calm anxiety and control nervousness. When you have one of these feelings, you just inhale it to gradually return to good feelings. It is also a pretty powerful sedative.


It is one of the most famous terpenes. Its dominant presence in cannabis is surely at the base. Its main virtue is that it acts as an anti-inflammatory. Otherwise, when you feel pain, Myrcene is able to calm you down. It is a very active and efficient component.


For its part, this terpene has a rather spicy smell. Moreover, it is often found at the level of these. Whether clove, black pepper and many others, they contain this hydrocarbon. It is also in the fight against pain and can also be an effective antifungal.


You need to concentrate better and put all your attention into a job that you do, limonene can be a good companion. This terpene also very present in cannabis is also a very good antidepressant. It frees you from anxiety and brings you back to good feelings. A set of things that can easily provide well-being.

Its virtues also extend to the fight against the development of certain cancer tumors. It is also a constituent to protect the body from bacteria and certain germs harmful to health. Some people use it to keep mosquitoes and other insects away. You can easily understand what makes him very popular.


We can not mention this terpene which is perhaps less widespread than others, but is equally fascinating. For its particular scent, it is used in perfumery is found in several plants including ginger. It is used to overcome malaria, and is also a good anti-inflammatory like many terpenes.

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Terpenes: what do the scientists say?

Faced with this set of more or less impressive virtues, it is necessary to seek to know what scientists think. In fact, for the studies carried out on the subject for several years, one can retain results rather in favor of the use of these components. In fact, long before scientists took up the question, these components were already widely used in traditional medicine.

Several scientists are unanimous on the question of the positive effect of terpenes on cognitive systems. Some speak of its effectiveness in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. It is for this reason that several drugs now available on the market are made from different terpenes. It is also a special triumph for medical cannabis, because the plant contains a lot of it.

Terpenes: the perfect complement to THC and CBD?

In the consumption of hemp or cannabis, THC and CBD are known to be constituents on the basis of the effects produced on the body. According to several studies, it is not actually the cannabinoids that give this strength to the effect obtained after inhalation or consumption. Indeed, terpenes are for THC and CBD very effective supplements. They increase the scope and therefore the results.

Terpenes: a moderate use

You are probably not unaware that exaggeration in all things is really harmful. The fact that terpenes are also means to get good times can make some people addicted. You must do everything you can to avoid falling into this trap that could have serious consequences for you. Make use of terpenes as directed by specialists and do not overuse in any case. By doing this, you will certainly benefit greatly. Terpenes are an inexhaustible source of good humor and relaxation.